1. How do I Listen to RadIQ?

See the Listen Live page for more info.

2. Your player does not work on my PC/Mobile/Tablet. How can I listen?

Give us a quote @ contact page & we’ll sort it out!

3. I am at work and can’t connect? What can I do?

The RadIQ broadcast server is 100% firewall / proxy friendly. It fools your proxy/firewall, letting it believe you”re just browsing the web! Something else is wrong with your setup.

4. What is the capacity of the servers?

The broadcast server has enough capacity to serve all listeners at the moment.

5. Do you guys intend to use the microphones?

RadIQ is a music-oriented e-radio. However, live shows, mostly live mixes, occur on a non-regular basis. Stay tuned for more info…

6. Do I have to pay for listening?

No, of course not. RadIQ is non-profit, advertisement-free. It just wants to entertain you!

7.Where did the name come from?

The name RadIQ is a mix of the words “Radio” and IQ!